PCP Personal Contract Purchase Calculator

  • Use our PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) calculator to get a full breakdown of your PCP deal.
  • We will calculate your payments, total costs, total interest charged and provide a schedule of payments detailing each month of the contract.
  • We can estimate your GMFV/Balloon or you can enter your own value to check the value of the car at each point in ownership. If you do not know your interest rate, enter your monthly payment and we can calculate your interest rate for you.
  • Click here to find the first 3 year depreciation estimate for any car.

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Information and how to use

A Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a finance method that allows you to purchase a vehicle with a monthly payment over a fixed period of time and then the option to make a balloon payment at the end and keep the car, or just hand the vehicle back to the dealer.

We have created this calculator to help calculate the nitty gritty of any PCP deal you are offered and we can even calculate the applicable interest rate from the monthly payment (if you don't have the interest rate figure).

We will take your balloon payment figure but can estimate the future value of the car using our depreciation calculator. This allows us to produce a running statement to show you how each payment on a month-by-month basis affects the balance owed and weighs this up against the value of the car at the time.

PCP contracts require a deposit at the start, possibly some fees, and then just a series of monthly payments. You are provided with a balloon payment figure at the start of the contract and you can either pay (or finance) this at the end and keep the vehicle or hand the vehicle back to the dealer. Handing back the car can incur charges as the dealer will want the car to be in good condition minus general wear and tear rules. Another important consideration is the mileage. Mileage is fixed from the start of the contract as the deal revolves around the future value of the car. If you exceed the mileage then you can also expect further charges at the end of the contract.

PCP differs from HP in that once you have finished making your monthly payments you don't own the car. Try our HP Hire Purchase Calculator to get a full breakdown of a hire purchase deal where there is no balloon payment and you own the car after finishing making payments.


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