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  • Use our Contract Hire Calculator to get a full breakdown of any vehicle contract hire.
  • We will calculate the total payments, average monthly cost and cost per mile.
  • We will also estimate the vehicle depreciation to score the value of the deal.
  • Click here to find the first 3 year depreciation estimate for any car.

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Information and how to use

Contract hire or Leasing is a way of hiring a car over a longer period than usually associated with car rental. You make a deposit payment of either a fixed amount or equivalent to a number of payments upfront. You then have fixed monthly payments for the remainder of the term. At the end of the contract you hand the vehicle back.

There is no balloon payment/GMFV to worry about. You are not the owner of the vehicle at any point in the contract. There will be a mileage limit and any excess mileage or damage outside of acceptable wear and tear will see additional charges applied at contract end.

This tool will calculate the full costs of a contract hire or leasing agreement quickly. You just enter in the basic details about the deal and select a depreciation model to use for the car.

We will calculate and display the full costs, average monthly payment, estimate depreciation and a cost per mile for the contract. A full payment table is provided to show you how much you paid at each month stage and how much the car is likely worth.

We use these figures to provide you with a number of ratios to weigh up whether a deal is good or bad. Firstly the cost versus depreciation. This is the total paid by you as a percentage of the depreciation of the vehicle. The next is the amount you pay in total compared to the new price of the car.

You can evaluate single contract hire deals here or use our Compare Contract Hire Calculator to compare any number of deals in one go.

We also publish our picks of the Top Contract Hire and Leasing Deals - each deal is broken down for costs, and we score each to rank against each other.


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