Compare Contract Hire And Leasing Deals Calculator

  • Use our Compare Contract Hire Calculator to compare and get a full breakdown of any vehicle contract hire.
  • We will calculate the total payments, average monthly cost and contract cost per mile alongside an estimate of depreciation to rank each deal you enter.
  • Click here to find the first 3 year depreciation estimate for any car.

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Information and how to use

Use this tool to quickly get a comparison of contract hire and leasing deals. You are able to get a full breakdown for each deal alongside quick key figures to be able to easily compare each deal against each other.

Start by adding deals above, click the '+' button. Each deal will be listed and you can edit or delete a deal at any point. You can give each deal a reference name and even enter the link to the deal for later viewing. Once you have finished adding all leasing deals, please click 'compare' to get the results of the calculation.

Results will be displayed in order of what has been deduced as the best deals relatively, to the worst. Figures such as the average monthly cost, after taking into account the deposit and remainder of the term, as well as cost vs estimated depreciation and the new car value.

Every calculation can be saved. Use the 'save and email' button to store the calculation and we will send an email to you with a permanent link to your calculation.

We publish our picks of contract hire and lease deals - updated daily with each deal is broken down for costs, and we score each to rank against each other.

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